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We started AYA to achieve one goal: to improve the lives of young people.

In 2015, $3B was spent on lobbying, stealing the ears of those we elect and kicking our wants and needs off of the political to do list. Looking around, it seemed obvious that everyone was being listened to — except for us and our peers. To create the future we want, it became clear that we first had to have a seat at the decision table.

We started AYA because we want to be heard. With our very own lobbying platform, we’ve made it easy for anyone to connect with their representatives and demand action on issues important to them. And because we know that life is expensive for young people, we’ve negotiated exclusive discounts on products and services that might make things a little easier.

AYA is here to speak up. Add your voice and be a part of it.

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Student Debt


people in America owe nearly $1.3 trillion in student loan debt.

Climate Change


of millennials support action on climate change and global warming.

Campaign Finance


was donated to political campaigns to sway the vote in the last 3 years.

Criminal Justice


people are incarcerated in the US. The most of any country.

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We believe that lobbying can be used as a force for good. Lobbying by definition is simply influencing a politician about a specific issue. The problem right now is that corporations, wealthy individuals, and even our parents and grandparents have lobbyists, not everyday young people.

That’s why we went out and got our own lobbyist. A lobbyist who represents YOU, the concerned young American. AYA members get regular updates from lobbyists in Washington who are fighting for you and unique engagement opportunities.

Meet Ally Bernstein

Ally Bernstein

As AYA’s registered lobbyist, Ally works on your behalf to make progress on the issues you care about most.

“I didn’t realize that there was this one hub that I could use to make my voice heard on the issues that I most care about.”

Jeremy Livingston

Barista and Freelance Actor, Age 24

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The Economist

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