The Issues

Cancel Student Debt

Student debt cancellation would provide immediate relief to Americans struggling with the economic fallout from COVID-19 and reduce the racial wealth gap by removing an unnecessary debt burden from Black families. Join us in urging Congress to #CancelStudentDebt next COVID-19 Stimulus package!

Tell your Reps: We need a rent freeze.

Tell your Reps to enact a national, 90-day rent moratorium to provide economic stability to struggling young people and help keep them safe and healthy in their homes.

Youth-led debate!

Sign the petition to call for a youth-led 2020 presidential primary debate, moderated by young Americans and focused on issues that matter to us.

Tell your reps: Support the Green New Deal!

The Green New Deal is finally here. It provides a detailed plan for the U.S. to swiftly become carbon-neutral, while ensuring a fair & just transition for communities and workers. Tell your reps to support!

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