Action Reports

April 2, 2021

From Your Lobbyist: Congress is out, but the Administration is hard at work

Week of Mar 29 – Apr 2 This Week’s Events: Biden Unveils American Jobs Plan: On Wednesday, President Biden unveiled the American Jobs Plan, a proposal that, if enacted into law, would funnell trillions of dollars to rebuild America’s roads, bridges, and highways––all with a focus on climate impact and clean jobs for the future. […] Read More →

March 19, 2021

From Your Lobbyist: Functioning Relief, Medicare…For All.

Week of Mar 15-19 This Week’s Events: AYA Stands with the AAPI Communities Against Hate: Earlier this week, a white male domestic terrorist gunned down several salons in Atlanta, murdering 6 Asian women. Many Americans see these acts as racist hate crimes given the serious uptick in violence against the Asian communities since the start […] Read More →

March 12, 2021

From Your Lobbyist: ✨Relief is here✨

Week of Mar 8-12 This Week’s Events: VICTORY! The House and Senate passed President Biden’s American Rescue Plan (ARP) that was signed into law on March 11th. This monumental law will provide $1.9 trillion in funding to support struggling Americans and young people affected by the ongoing fallout of COVID-19. ARP provides respectable levels of […] Read More →

March 5, 2021

From Your Lobbyist: Cardona, COVID relief, CLEAN future.

Week of Mar 1-5 This Week’s Events: Secretary Cardona Confirmed: Miguel Cardona was confirmed to be the new Secretary of Education by the Senate this week on a bipartisan vote of 64-33. Most members of Congress trust that Miguel Cardona will be a positive leader in the education arena at a time when both K-12 […] Read More →

February 19, 2021

From Your Lobbyist: Student Debt Cancellation & Public Health.

Week of Feb 15-19 This Week’s Events: President Biden supports up to $10,000 in student loan debt relief – At a town hall meeting on Tuesday night, President Biden said he would  support canceling up to $10,000 in student loan debt per borrower but not the $50,000 that some congressional Democrats support. On Wednesday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki […] Read More →

February 8, 2021

From Your Lobbyist: Cardona, Greene, budget reconciliation.

Week of Feb 1-5 This Week’s Events: Miguel Cardona Confirmation Hearing: On Wednesday, February 3, Dr. Miguel Cardona appeared before the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, now chaired by Senator Murray (D-WA) to discuss his nomination to be the new Secretary of Education. While the hearing was relatively uncontroversial compared to the last […] Read More →

January 29, 2021

From Your Lobbyist: Town Hall talk & healthcare accessibility.

Week of Jan 25-29 This Week’s Events: Committee Member Assignments: The House Education and Labor Committee and the House Labor Health Human Services and Education (LHHS-Ed) Subcommittee on Appropriations finalized their memberships this week. While new committee assignments tend not to be overly controversial, there is widespread controversy around House Republicans assigning Marjory Taylor Greene […] Read More →

January 22, 2021

From Your Lobbyist: New admin, big progress.

Week of Jan 18-22 This Week’s Events: New Administration, New Congress: This week Americans saw first-hand that our democracy is still very much intact with the swearing in of President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Additionally, two new members of the Senate, Ossoff and Warnock, were sworn in, completing the makeup of the new […] Read More →

December 11, 2020

From Your Lobbyist: Covid-19 Relief, Loan Freeze Extension, and Bankruptcy Reform

Week of Dec 7-11 Federal Funding & COVID-19 Relief Package: Congressional leaders are currently ironing out a final fiscal year 21 spending package which contains funding for all federal programs, including higher education. The funding deadline is December 11th at midnight but in order to buy itself more time, the House passed a one-week stopgap […] Read More →

November 13, 2020

From Your Lobbyist: Election Results, Glass Ceilings, and the Youth Vote

Week of November 9-13 Election Results, Glass Ceilings, and the Youth Vote: After being glued to cable news for 5 days of “election night in America,” millions of us were ecstatic when the presidential election results were called for President-Elect Joe Biden and VP-Elect Kamala Harris.  Here are some pretty freaking amazing highlights about the […] Read More →

October 26, 2020

From Your Lobbyist: Vote Vote Vote

Week of Oct 26-30 Happy Monday, AYA Advocates. We have just 8 days until the election, and the most important way to affect the change we want is to vote. Vote early, vote by mail, vote in person, and help others to vote! Your votes matter. Young Americans make up 37% of the voting population,and […] Read More →

October 2, 2020

From Your Lobbyist: Congress Recesses, No Relief Bill Enacted

Week of Sep 28-Oct 2 Congress Recesses, No Relief Bill Enacted: At the end of this week, Congress went into recess until after the elections without passing another COVID-19 relief package. In order to boost talks with the White House, the House of Representatives passed the Heroes Act 2.0 that would address the economic fallout […] Read More →


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